Why You Should Have Your Postgraduate Study In Canada

It is evident that a postgraduate degree from Canada would be global recognition for a Nigerian.

Canada is increasingly becoming a popular destination for Nigerians desiring a postgraduate degree abroad.
Other popular countries for postgraduate study are the UK, Germany, United States and Malaysia. The attraction towards Canada seems to be obvious, unfortunately, many Nigerians are still unaware. In fact, the benefits of a Masters or PhD degree from Canada could be more than studying else where.
Canada isn’t just the extreme of the Wild West, it is rather a land of opportunities and diversities. In particular, Canada’s quality of education is comparable to any other developed nation. Canadian universities rank among the first 100 universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education ranks. Universities like University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo, University of Calgary are some of the world’s best that Canada boasts of. They attract extremely brilliant students globally. These institutions also churn out top grade researches that impacts industry, government and the society at large.
It is evident that a postgraduate degree from Canada would be global recognition for a Nigerian. You can’t be a push over in the academia and every where else. The height of a world class tutoring that would be received, is a reason to consider a postgraduate study in Canada.
In addition, a postgraduate study in the Sciences, Environmental, Mathematics, Engineering and Health science are usually funded. This means that a Nigerian that receives admission for either a Masters or PhD is these areas of postgraduate study in Canada would have a tuition free education. STEM courses receive a lot of research funds from government and institutions.
These monies is used to offset or subsidize the fees of postgraduate students who are favoured to be admitted. Only in rare cases do postgraduate students pay for their fees, in fact, PhD students even receive stipends as teaching assistants, research assistant etc. Some faculty even refuse admission to students, if there is no funds to cover the cost of education, because they don’t believe the postgraduate student should be bothered about paying from his/her pockets. Imagine, receiving a world class postgraduate education for next-to-free- compare Nigeria. Such is the benefit of studying in Canada.
Finally, it’s the Postgraduate work experience that the government of Canada gives immigrants. What’s the high point of receiving a quality postgraduate education, and no opportunity to be allowed to practice, in the environment where you have the facilities and amenities to thrive? In some other countries like The UK, you are almost literally chased out of the country, once the student visa expires. Canada trains you and gives the opportunity to have work experience.
Nigerians and other International students who graduate from a post secondary school in Canada are eligible for a Post graduate work permit. This allows the holders to live and work in Canada for 3 years. It is important to gain experience and integrate with the Canadian society. After 3 years, an immigrant call apply for a permanent resident visa and become a citizen in a couple of years.
The opportunity of studying in Canada can be a dramatic positive turn around. Have you studies abroad or have questions about the postgraduate study chances in Canada, including enquires about admission and immigration.
Source: Postgraduate Nigeria



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