Tupac Is Alive’: Filmmaker Claims He Knows Where He’s Hiding


Filmmaker Rick Boss recently began production on a movie set to uncover the truth about Tupac Shakur. According to Boss, he believes Tupac escaped the fateful shooting and is now hiding out in New Mexico.

Ever since Tupac Shakur was shot dead in ’96, tons of conspiracy theories have purported that the rapper survived. Older rumors called into question Tupac’s autopsy report, suggesting the images leaked to the public were of someone else. They even went as far as to claim some unfortunate soul was tattooed identically to Tupac, and that’s rather substantial work.

While theories on the rapper’s fate have never been debunked, Tupac hasn’t made a single appearance since. Even if he were in hiding, the age of technology we live in makes it impossible for anyone to stay off the grid forever. Hiding out would be especially difficult for a star like Tupac. And he’d be caught on social media eventually.

However, filmmaker Rick Boss has resurfaced with new claims of Tupac being alive, and his argument sounds rather compelling.

Filmmaker Rick Boss Claims Tupac Is Alive

Via: Yahoo

As Page Six reports, Boss alleges that Tupac got tipped off before the fateful assassination attempt on September 7, 1996. A body double was supposedly in the car with Suge Knight during the shooting, playing the unwitting victim. Tupac then accompanied the double to UMC hospital where he later escaped via helicopter.

Boss is exploring the potential cover-up in a documentary titled 2Pac: The Great Escape From UMC. The movie is in production and slated for release in 2021. Keep in mind that a lot can happen in a year.

For now, Boss’s film is a hot topic because it claims Tupac is living on Native American tribal land. That’s a convenient explanation for why the rapper hasn’t been seen in 25 years, but all it would take is one member of the tribe to snap a photo of Shakur, and the image would go viral.

Is Tupac Shakur Hiding Out In New Mexico?

Via: The Blast

Until the information can be verified, fans should take it with a grain of salt. That doesn’t mean Boss is incorrect, but fans should hear the filmmaker out before scouring tribal lands for the deceased rapper.

Unfortunately for Boss, even the main star of his film believes Tupac died on that fateful night. Richard Garcia, the actor portraying the late rapper in Boss’s movie, has stated that he thinks Tupac is gone. Garcia’s comments don’t help Boss’s case, but again, fans will have to wait until the story plays out on the big screen before making a decision.

Still, the more intriguing aspect to consider is what would happen if Tupac was actually hiding out in New Mexico. Media outlets would obviously go crazy covering the news, there are a ton of questions fans want answers to, and authorities would also want to interrogate the rapper.

The reason Tupac would have to answer to authorities is the circumstances surrounding his death. Faking one’s death is illegal, but if Tupac was facing a real assassination attempt, an acquittal is likely. Proper law enforcement would have to examine the case thoroughly, but based on all the credible threats Tupac received, he’d have good reason to fake his death.

Whatever happens, hopefully, the increased interest will lead to a new investigation. Forensic technology has also come a long way, meaning old evidence could potentially hold more clues that answer the longstanding question: Is Tupac alive?




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