Traditional teachings made relevant today – Lesson 9


Life is like ballet performance; Danced only once – Malian proverb

Ballet is an art form like no other, it is a highly technical unique form of storytelling through the use of dance. Where the performer uses their body to speak, express emotion, and engage the audience with the most intricate and skilled movements. It requires performers to be wholeheartedly in tune with their mind, body, and spirit.  A lot of skill, time, hard work and dedication goes into a ballet performance. The performers have to have the ability to ignore any external noises that could hinder their performance, be confident, and trust themselves with every move, learn from any mistakes they’ve made in the past. During the dance, performers flow with the highs and the lows of the narrative, and allow themselves to feel and express every emotion.


A ballet performance is very similar to the way you move through your life.

Firstly, the creator has provided you with a unique costume made with the finest materials, and a set of tailored shoes that fit you and only you. Unfortunately for this performance called life, you can’t practice or rehearse until you get it perfect. But know that you’ve already been provided with the skills and the talent you need, you just have to learn how to trust yourself, be confident, and in tune with your mind, body, and spirit, and you’ll unlock all that you need to have a successful performance. Understand that what you experience each day, the highs, the lows, and everything in between is an intricate part of the performance of life and a part of the narrative. So learn to embrace and flow with each moment, movement, and emotion as it is all a part of your life’s journey.


It is important to note that this isn’t a solo performance, you may have been cast for the lead role, but you still have your supporting cast who will pick you up and raise you higher. They are also there to offer a helping hand to help you transit around the stage, and most importantly they’ll catch you when you fall. Similarly in life, your friends, family, partners, teachers, coworkers, and sometimes even strangers will provide you with the support, feedback, and guidance you need to help you. Take note of these people in your life, and don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you need it.

Within many ballet performances and narratives the main character or protagonist will always be challenged by a villain or antagonist who serves as an obstacle they must struggle to overcome. You will or you might have already come across a few people like this in your life who refuse to support you or judge every move you make. Like the trained professionals you must learn to ignore any external noises that could affect your performance, and focus your attention and energy onto yourself. This is your performance, your one chance to show the world who you are, don’t waste your energy on people who don’t serve your purpose, as there are no redos.


The spotlight has always been on you, your stage has been prepared from birth, and your performance has been great so far. You’ve had a few stumbles and missed steps, but don’t worry it happens. The villain threw you off a bit, and you may have lost your focus, fortunately, your supporting cast caught you in time. With everything in life there is room for improvement, and I know you have yet to truly express yourself.

Remember this is your one dance, no practices, no rehearsals, no redos- so before you reach the final act make sure you have shown the world all that you have to offer, you still have time.

Take a deep breath

Trust in yourself

And dance!

Affirmation: This life is mine to enjoy, and it’s up to me to do so.

Written by: Kesi Steven


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  1. I feel like every day we get the opportunity to practice and perfect our dance moves. It may not be a rehearsal or chance to redo anything but we can continuously improve our performance as we go along.


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