Traditional teachings from the past made relevant for today – Lesson 4


Having a good discussion is like having riches – African Proverb

It has been stated many times that conversations are not simply talking and listening, but more of an art form, a skill that needs to be taught, learnt and developed. Some people have the natural talent for it, and can discuss anything, with anyone without hesitation or fear. Whilst overs still find it hard to have good, lasting, enriching conversation. Having a good discussion is rare; in comparison to the amount of daily pointless conversations you have, where you forget half the things that were said, the topic of conversation didn’t engage you, or you didn’t want to talk with that person in the first place.

A good discussion should feel like your mind is being fed countless amounts of delicious foods that you’ve never had before, each one tasting better than the other. No matter what the topic of discussion is, you should feel so drawn into what the person has to say, that the world around you is completely silent so that you can focus your full attention on the conversation at hand, whilst preparing to provide your own ideas, critics, and words of wisdom, as conversations are of course a two way thing.

It’s time to reflect on the people that you have surrounded yourself with in the past, as well as this present time; be it family, friends, acquaintances, or coworkers. Whether they are in your life for a brief minute, months, years, or a lifetime, they can all affect your development and the way you think; simply by the types of conversations you engage in. Think about the conversations you’ve had with these people on a day to day, and of those conversations think about how many times you left feeling like your mind had been fed those new delicious foods, or you were completely drawn into the conversation and left feeling satisfied.

Now, it’s impossible to have a one sided discussion, meaning we all have our part to play in order to have a good, enriching conversation. It’s time to reflect on the role you played in those conversations, and if you were able to reciprocate what you experienced. Did you provide your own insight? Did you ask questions? Did you feed them your own batch of delicious foods? Did you enrich their mind?, were you able to leave them feeling equally satisfied with the conversation?

Having a good discussion that leaves a lasting memory and deeply engages isn’t easy to come across on a daily basis. But once you have truly had these types of enriching conversations you don’t want to go back to the ordinary noise or chit chat. So it’s important to treat communication as a skill to be learnt and constantly developed, and equally important to surround yourselves with people who can reciprocate or even provide more sustenance within the discussions you engage in.

Take this time that you now have to make those necessary changes to improve the life you are currently living, remove/ avoid those people who don’t enhance your mind, and push yourself to seek those who do, as they provide all the riches your mind seeks.

Affirmation: I surround myself with people who uplift, and help me become the best version of myself.

Written By: Kesi Steven


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