The New Trains That Will Be Used For Lagos-Ibadan Railway And Their Specs


Nigeria’s minister for transportation, Mr Rotimi Amaechi was in China where he inspected some locomotive trains that are due for delivery to Nigeria soon.

The trains will be used for the Abuja-Kaduna and Lagos-Ibadan rail lines. CRRC is the company responsible for the building, assembling and construction of the locomotive train, they decided to invite the minister to their factor in Qishuyan for a test run of the trains. CRRC Qishuyan dispatched the first batch of 10 locomotives and DMUs, these trains are due to arrive in Nigeria anytime soon.

Part of the trains that are due to arrive in Nigeria is the NDJ3(N) and DF11G(N) passenger locomotives, this is the first batch, the second batch will be unveiled soon. Remember we did a report on this, you can read it here.

According to reports, the contract was awarded to CRRC Qishuyan to supply 4 NDJ3(N) DMUs, 6 DF11G(N) passenger locomotives, 9 DF8B(N) freight locomotives and 2 DF7G(N) shunting locomotives for the Lagos – Ibadan Railway and Abuja – Kaduna Railway. The first batch of 10 locomotives will be dispatched by the end of October 2019.


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