The Babymamas To My Husband Are My Friends–Lizzy Anjorin


Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin who got wedded has revealed she still loves her husband despite baby mamas.

In an interview with Kemi Ashefon, she disclosed that two of her husband’s baby mamas are her friends and they have normal conversations like any other friendship.

The husband has been accused of having kids with five different women when he professed love for Lizzy Anjorin who went ahead to accept the proposal. She claimed that her husband is a Muslim and so he has the right to marry up to four women.

During the interview a question was posed to her that: But those women whose photos appeared on social media and were called his wives, who are they?

She replied:  That was a fake story. All those photos they are peddling on social media are false. I am not saying he is not a father of children; he has children of other women. He is a Muslim and entitled to at least four women. So why the noise for crying out loud? These two women who have kids for him are my friends, we talk on the phone. I still spoke with one of my stepchildren before you called me. My daughter is four years older than his first daughter. The two women who are mothers of his kids talk to me like my friends, and bear no grudge. If, after my marriage to him he impregnates another woman, I will accept the baby and bring them home. I married him and not his mistakes. Our mansion is big enough to accommodate 10,000 children. Forget the lies being peddled around that he has four wives. He has just two baby mamas and there is a difference between babymama and wife.

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