Reps Call For Abolishment Of ‘Acceptance Fee’ Into Tertiary Institutions


The House of Representatives on Wednesday called for the abolishment of ‘acceptance fees’ paid by students offered admission into various institutions in Nigeria.

A motion moved by Emeka Chinedu, PDP-Imo (Ahiazu Mbaise/Ezinihitte Federal Constituency), Wednesday got the lawmakers debating about how to reverse this trend.

Leading the debate, Mr Chinedu said one of the factors contributing to poor access to tertiary education is the “predatory admission policies being enforced by tertiary institutions, particularly the requirement for payment of non-refundable acceptance fees as a condition precedent for admission”.

He added that “it should bother the lawmakers that his state’s Imo State University charges N70,000 as acceptance fee.”

“Other institutions like the University of Ibadan charge 35,000; University of Lagos, 20,000; Ahmadu Bello University, 30,000; Lagos State University, N20,000; University of Uyo, 25,000,” he said.

He, therefore, moved that the fee be abolished. He was unanimously backed by his colleagues.


The House also mandated the House Committee on Tertiary Education and Services “to investigate the admission policies and practices of tertiary institutions in the country as they relate to the charge of acceptance fees in order to remove all obstacles to accessing tertiary education in the country.”

Meanwhile, Idowu Olayinka, vice chancellor of the University of Ibadan, has said his institution will comply with the directive.

He said the amount accruing to the University of Ibadan, for instance, in a year is not enough to fund the university in a month. “Therefore, the school has to look for alternative means to source for funds”.

“Someone has to take up the bill,” he said. “We have to make up our mind on what we really want. You can’t even run a creche without funds. In a year, we spend at least N200 million on our clinic contactors. Add this to electricity bill and diesel, then you’re talking of over N800 million.

“What the university is getting for overhead is less than N100 million. So where do you think the remaining N700 million will come from? Unless you want to close down the whole university,” he added.



  1. If they can abolish this acceptance fees pay by we students it we make some of our fees easier for us to pay. We need immediate effect on it.

  2. My able congress men or congress women if you people can help we students for abolish the law made by all tertiary institution in Nigeria that it is compulsory for us to pay a fees that is unrefundable, the fees is too costly for us but we have no choice.
    I am using this opportunity to inform you people that Nigeria education is costly and stressful, it make we students feel depress rather than impress us.
    In my school we have no enough of hall to conduct examination or to do some necessary things, the hall that we have is not good for students to write an exam.
    Representatives this is the question that I want to ask you people why our leaders condemn we HND holder and recognize Bsc holder because I did understand that, if our leaders knowns that they would recognize HND holder maybe they should canceled or demolished what is called tertiary institution in the whole Nigeria, I mean all Polytechnic in Nigeria because when a student spend four years in school, six month for siwes, one year for industrial training and one year for National Youth Corpse Service (NYSC) and the student has an opportune to become the general manger of so so company and he or she has the ability to be the manger of such company but our leaders we refuse to appoint him or her due to his or her grade, I mean because such a person is a HND holder and they we cancel that post for him.
    My able representatives please help us to make a law that we allow those people that commenize or ridicule we HND holder that we have something in our brain.


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