Question Of The Day: A First Class Graduate or Your 3rd Class Graduate Sibling; Who Would You employ?


A first class graduate or your 3rd class graduate sibling; Who would you employ?

Nepotism which is the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs according to Oxford dictionary is very common in all parts of the world.

Naturally, handwork and competency should always be appreciated and awarded. Not many people think it to be important.

Here is a simple question for you today.

Who would you employ?

A first class graduate who obviously knows the field and has been able to prove that by graduating with a first class or you would employ your relative that graduated with a third class simply because he is your relative.

Let me hear your views on this in the comment section below.


  1. 1. A first class graduate. Only if I know how smart my third class graduate is, then i can employ he or she over the first class graduate. Grade doesn’t matter. It just depends on how smart the person is.

  2. Firstly there is no family in business. Secondly grades doesn’t matter for me. I will put both people to test anyone that has experience, and can do my job effectively would be my choice. Anyone that can add value to my business regardless of the grades/qualification is who I’m going to employ

  3. Honestly, getting a job in Nigeria graduating with a 2.2 or 3rd class can be difficult as most organizations prefer second class upper or even first class certificate holders as the least requirements that the applicants are expected to have to apply for job openings

    First-class degrees will be an advantage for future job opportunities – and some companies recruit only from graduates with an upper second or above. But there have also been arguments that rising degree grades reflect the improved A-level grades of those entering university and a more focused attention to studying.
    So in this situation i can only employ the first class candidate which can handle and perform his action very well in any field. And i can only consider my siblings with the hold of his qualifications if only I don’t have any choice than to employ him..

  4. I will go for the 3rd class student reason been.. Because he his my relative he would have know quite alot about the business.. Most first class students read and cram to offload during exam after that they would forget.. 3rd class student did alot of try and error to pass.. So that would make him experienced and added advantage he his my relative which I’m sure he would know about the business even before he graduates

  5. I’ll go for a Third class Graduate… Because I know he works hard to be there.. most first class students this day paid lecturers to get high mark..

    So for me I’ll go for the third class.

  6. Apparently I might actually go for the Person who came out with First class in the sense that Nigerian to be precise mentality is that whoever comes out with such degree really deserve a better position…While on the other hand if I reason the matter well my Relative who came out with Third class**Firstly I would ask him or her the person who came out with first class get how many Head😁** I might just end up giving the third class person a position to work but not as level as the first class…..But there matter We go first Table am for Zlater table to Judge 🕊🕊🕊

  7. First Class is not really about knowing what you doing, it’s just a grade, I would employ based on how practical the person can be and also the zeal to work and achieve resilts

  8. I’ll go for my 3rd class relative not because he/she is my relative but because in the Nigerian education system most people buy marks that fix them in the first class spot. Secondly he/she is my relative and they say blood is thicker than water. He/she would take my business as his/her own

  9. Some people are meant to make it in the class room while some will make it in the real world ….

  10. I will go for the first class graduate maybe after seeing her move and actions while working though…because either 1st class or 3rd class there must be some tricks and brain behind her being a graduate….Thanks

  11. 1. I will employ the third class graduate because most third class graduates are more intelligent and it’s not all about what you know, it’s about you can offer for the job and some First class graduates find it difficult to defend their certificate.

  12. Well competence should not be in anyway looked down upon. I would go for the competent one. In this case the first-class graduate is seen as the competent one, hence I choose competence over familiarity.

  13. 1. I will employ the third class graduate putting the sibling aspect apart because most third class graduates are more intelligent and it’s not all about what you know, it’s about you can offer for the job and some First class graduates find it difficult to defend their certificate.

  14. 1. Since he/she is my sibling, definitely I’m familiar with him/her which gives me an awareness of his/her potentials. So IF he/she fits in, shows commitment, willingness and dedication I would employ him/her. I would make him/her understands this is business and business wise policies are strictly apply. So no mess up in anyway. If otherwise, I change his/her work position or get him/her on other less sensitive desk in the business. It is not about qualification or grade. Sometimes first class doesn’t guarantee success. It is theoretical (except some specialized professions like Medical line, law etc). Business is practical. It is the attitude to discharge the duty accordingly and technical-know how. Not all siblings ruin business. Some are very smart, brilliant and diplomatic practically. They only need the opportunity or platform.


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