Popular Max Fm Presenter Known As Iya Jogbo Gave Up The Ghost


Iya Jogbo, a popular Max FM presenter, is said to have died on Friday, 24th of July, 2020 as a result of a brief illness from Bronchitis and an enlarged heart.

Mother of four was popular for her humorous character on Max FM’s ‘Wetin Dey Show’ alongside with Obus and Wale powpowpow.

In a statement by the CEO of TVC Communications, Andran Hanlon, said the sad news of Iya Jogbo’s death sent a shocking wave of grief throughout Max FM family and TVC Communications.

“Whilst we struggle to come to terms with Iya Jogbo’s passing, our hearts and minds are solely focused on her beloved family.

“Iya Jogbo’s presence will be with us forever as she leaves a legacy of enormous talent and spirit from almost 10 years she spent with the company as a key member of the much loved ‘Wetin Dey Show’ on Max FM”.

“She will be deeply missed by us all and her fans who tuned in to hear her unique broadcasts everyday” Hanlon said.

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