One of the twin sisters pregnant for the same man reveal the truth in Facebook rant


Socialmedia users were left in shock when a man took to Instagram in April to reveal he was expecting babies with twin sisters .

When presses by shocked socialmedia users,he claimed they are in a happy relationship and mentioned he needs a TV show .

Well,turns out all is not what is seems as one of them ,Nydia took to Facebook to rant .

She revealed she was in a relationship with him and when she was 9 months pregnant ,she was shocked to find out that her twin sister was 8 months pregnant for him as they had been having sex behind her back .

She said she tried not to expose her sister because family and friends have already turned their back on her .

Just as he wished ,they got the attention of a producer who shot a documentary with them where they tell their story .

In the trailer ,Nadia revealed she felt betrayed when she found out ,but he said having twins pregnant for him was destiny .




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