Nigeria uninhabitable for young people – Cardinal Onaiyekan


Cardinal Onaiyekan who spoke to the media ahead of a church gathering to address migration, taking place in the Nigerian capital on Tuesday, stated that Nigeria is uninhabitable for young people.

The 75-year-old cleric who said he felt ashamed when he saw trafficked Nigerian women prostituting on the streets of Rome and other Italian cities, criticised officials for focusing only on their own lives – building mansions and travelling the world. Cardinal Onaiyekan who stated that Nigeria being uninhabitable for young people is making them migrate illegally to Europe, added that if he were the president he would resign.

“To tell you bluntly I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed – big cardinal from Abuja, I’m moving through the streets of Rome, Milan, Naples and I see my daughters on the street on sale,” the cardinal told the BBC after the press conference.

“I’m ashamed and I stop and even greet some of them – you can’t even engage them in conversation because they were brought out of the village illiterates. All they learn and all they know on the streets of Italy is what they need for this business – I’m ashamed.”

The Catholic Priest who urged the government to “repair Nigeria” so that instead of young people emigrating tourists would flock to the West African nation and Nigerians could travel with dignity, also slammed Nigerian politicians, saying if they had no vision on how to develop the country and provide adequate security they should not go into politics.



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