My Mother Used To Bath Me Tear Gas Whenever I Go Wrong–Apostle Suleman


Apostle Johnson Suleman disclosed to Daddy Freeze how his mother used to punish him whenever he goes wrong as a child growing up.

This follows after a man shared a story of how his mother used to spank him until he was 37-years old. Daddy Freeze posted the story on his Instagram page and asked for the opinion of his followers.

Apostle Suleiman wasn’t left out of sharing as he shared his own experience while growing up.

According to the man of God, his mother used to baptize him with tear gas while he was asleep to punish him whenever he goes wrong.

Sharing his experience, Apostle Johnson Suleman said….

My mum didn’t just flog me, she baptized me with tear gas cos she was an Asst. Commissioner of police…whenever I do wrong, she would open my door whilst am sleeping and spray tear gas… I became hardened and started defying her orders…it doesn’t work. It brings resentment. What a mentally daft patent lacks in brains, he makes up with a fist. If you need to flog your kids and treat your kids like wild animals, they will grow up to eat you raw… I have never flogged any of my kids and they kneel to greet despite not been Yoruba’s. I sit them down and tell them I love them and they need my blessing to do well in life and I can’t give that when I am not happy with them.”



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