Mercy Eke’s Sister Accuses Tacha’s Fans Of Declaring Herself And Her Mom Dead


Mercy Eke’s sister accuses Tacha’s fans of declaring herself and their mom dead

In her video Below, she said;

Gd morning everyone pls u guys should come and judge this am heart broken I woke up this morning only for me to see what the titans posted what a wicked world , who did my mum offend? how can tacha and her toxic fans put up my precious Mummys picture and wrote gone too soon #rip what for? what are we dragging can’t they accept the fact that the lost out and move on why bringing my mum and I into this what has mercy done is she the first to win in this world? What is her crime pls am calling on all responsible mothers in Nigeria all over the country pls help me my mum doesn’t deserve this


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