Let’s Have Fun!! If You Are Made Invincible For 24hours, What Will You Do?

Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

Hello Everyone! It’s a beautiful new week and Afrobeatsglobal thought to bring you some fun.

Have you ever wished you were invincible for a while?

Imagine not being seen by anyone but you can see everyone. You can do practically anything to anyone right?

So many of us have somethings we wish we could do without being seen.

Maybe spy on your partner or do something creepy. Lol.

Okay so let’s hear from you.

What will you do if you were invincible for a day?


  1. I dey enter bank straight .. as in central bank ni ooo, I go use just 10 hours for there and do the little wey I wan do ..

    I be Good Samaritan 💶💶💶

  2. I’ll be richer than Hushpuppi
    I will visit banks, even some of our senators house and president house, the way I go use rich, people will suspect I did money ritual.

  3. First bank straight up!!! No time to check time.. Work plenty to do… I no go near Central Bank at all ,make person no go carry money Wey dem go trace 🤣🤣
    Twitter handle

  4. I would sneak into houses of business men and women that has made it to check out their business plans and strategy, find out how to be made for life, possible questions interviewers and investors ask and how to be a successful business woman

  5. I will visit central bank of Nigeria and take my lifetime money🤣🤣🤣🤣.. Because to be a man is not a day job. Reason why is that when we look at our environment or society in our country unemployment is everywhere. For person to spend 4years in university there is no insurance for that person he/she would be secure a good and standard job. And in others hand when we look at it there alots of drop-out from school to do YAHOO, which they are claiming to be DREAM CHASER AND CHASING THE BAG. but for me to go that same way and later caught and be sanction like HUSH PUPPII and his GENG. I’ll rather be an invisible man and make my movo to CBN or any Near by Bank and do my Invisible Heist.. God Bless AfrobeatsGlobal

  6. Truthfully,
    Its the bank straight up 😂. Money makes the world go round.
    Then I’ll spy on everyone i know. Lemme see wat they do when they think no one is watching…..
    Those dat steal meat from the pot….hmm……

  7. To be sincere ill take the opportunity to hang around the people close to me and listen to What they will say about me. And that way if I have bad flaws I will try to improve on myself. Thank you


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