Islamic cleric in Ibadan told kids to hate Christians – Man alleges


A man identified as Rere Ayodele has taken to social media to write on how an Islamic cleric in Ibadan tried to indoctrinate little children and encouraged the kids to hate Christians.

In his narration, he wrote that his sisters were at a Boot Camp before Christmas and the cleric made it clear to them that their parents sent them to the camp to avoid having anything to do with Christians on Christmas day.

Islamic cleric in Ibadan told kids to hate Christians - Man alleges lailasnews 3

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About mentality i think my mosque, Muslim Association Of Nigeria, ibadan is the most dangerous place for little kids to attend.. Read Carefully!

We’re having our annual dawah camp, where i just tok say make i just attend this year’s own to watchover my sisters.. The first day at camp, the first thing they told these little kids, was “you’re here so you can avoid Christmas!!”

“Christianity is a man made religion where they serve man like them.. but islam we’re known to serve only one God , Allah!” “So your parents brought you here so the Christians won’t implicate you with their own bad deeds.“ Like what The Actually Fuck! Little kids!!!! Ages 5-10!

So Yesterday we visited a neighboring mosque around Oke-ado, Anuoluwapo Mosque. The guest Imam that was to adress the children came thru Dressed Well.. thought this one will have sense unlike the others..Till he started! told this children to be repeating after him..

He said “If they ask you why do you practise islam your reply should be… Islam is a peaceful religion, its not confusing and complicating.. But christianity is not peaceful, it is very confusing and very complicating! My heart broke!!!! The little kids too were echoing it !!

What now vexed me the most is the man said this way, its signifys the arabic writing of “allah” That even islam is in the physiology of the human body i open mouth down i no fit close am..

As if that wasn’t enough, he went on.. said they should check their left palms, they’ll see number 8 in arabic written on their hand (8 in arabic is an Inverted V) and one stroke which means Number 1.. so 8 and 1 will give 81.. how will yoy explain my own which gives 82??

Then you move to your right hand, using the same analogy,it gives you 18, so 81 + 18 =99 , meaning the 99 names of Allah! So my own that is 100, I’m from the Devil?

As if that wasn’t enough, He said a more Reasonable backn 2 why Christianity is a Stressful nd confusing religion is because dey think dancing and singing when they have problems, will solve dem.But in islam u don’t see us dancing or doing anything! IS THAT EVEN A FUCKING POINT!

Immediately i went to look for my sisters i told them.. “please don’t believe any of the shit that man told you ooo tie yin o ni baje o!” We’re leaving camp today sha. As long as i remain the Second boy in the family, my sisters are never attending this camp, Ever again!



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