Iceberg Slim Gives Reason He Cheated On Juliet Ibrahim


Juliet Ibrahim and rapper Iceberg Slim were a love item around 2017 thereabouts. Truth is, Juliet and Slim were quite the enviable couple.

They would not miss the least chance to flaunt their love to the world. We can remember the number of times they were pictured packed on PDAs.

They even got a love tattoo that completed each other and from nowhere, their relationship came crashing just like any other celeb relationship.

Initially, Juliet did not detail what led to the breakup and when she finally did, it was through no fault of hers.

Iceberg cheated on her with an ex of his. Juliet could not take that and left his cheating a$$.

Years on, Iceberg has delved into the forgotten past once again— asked by an Instagram fan why he cheated on Juliet, he said he did not love himself and sought for emotional support somewhere else.



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