I Doubted My Husband When He Said I Was Pregnant–Regina Daniels


Regina Daniels has recounted how she doubted her husband’s claims that she was pregnant.

In her new docu-reality show titled ‘Our Circle’ which is running on Youtube, Regina Daniels and her husband, shared their experiences on her pregnancy and her childbirth.

According to Ned Nwoko, he could smell a pregnant woman from two miles away abut when she told her that she is pregnant, she did not believe it.

Regina Daniels said.

“The first time I found out I was pregnant, I was confused. I just couldn’t explain the feeling”, “Though at first, my husband was already saying, oh he can perceive a pregnant woman and I was like, ha, perceive kwa?”

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Ned Nwoko  said:

“I told her that she was pregnant. She didn’t believe me. I could smell a pregnant woman from 2 miles away.”



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