I Don’t Know Why Messi And Ronaldo Takes Football Serious–Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Ibrahimović one of the Prolific strikers in the game of Football has disclose how crazy football is to him.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic said : “if I wanted i would have easily reached club 700 Goals like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, if i was too serious i would be the only active player with club 1000 Goals,.

But at some point of my career I lost a passion about football, I was sitting in my Balcony watching football highlights in my device, i asked myself what kind of a Job that am doing? We are 22 in the Field running after one thing, old man Jose Mourinho on the side lines is very angry when we don’t get this ball , thousands of people are on stands cheering us to run after this one thing. That was a moment i lost passion about football, at Training i started to see idiots. It didn’t make sense to me why running after a ball is a Job, until I met with Ronaldinho, i told him how I lost passion, he told me he doesn’t like football either hence he is lazy for football training, but He is doing it to keep smiles of many people around the world. He said look at it as Job that pays a bill and gives you better life , don’t mind if it make sense to run after one ball or not, as long it gives you a better life. There i started to play football for Money, if my passion was still burning i would definitely had scored so many goals. I honestly laugh sometimes when I see Messi and Cristiano so serious ”

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