Hushpuppi’s Father Is A Taxi Driver While His Mum Is A Bread Seller–Mompha


Nigerian billionaire, Mopha disclosed the real status of the Gucci Master Hushpuppi’s parent.

Ismaila Mustapha better known as Mompha disclosed shocking news about Dubai based boy. He revealed that Hushpuppi was so poor that he had debts to settle with him.

Adding to that Mompha unveiled that the Hushpuppi’s father is a taxi driver and mother is a bread seller. However, photos of Hushpuppi’s father has speculated the internet, but it is likely to be false.

But then, the Real Estate Developer neither confirmed nor denied this.

The Two High profile fraudsters, Hushpuppi and Woodberry have been extradited by the FBI to the US over money-laundering and cybercrimes. It is possible Hushpuppi could be jailed from 20 to 30 years for defrauding over 1.9 million victims.

More Nigerians To Be Arrested As Hushpuppi Names His Accomplices



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