Hushpuppi Is Not Part of Our List of Billionaires–Forbes Reveals


American magazine Forbes has disclosed that the alleged fraudster Ramon Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi was not on their list of Billionaires.

Hushpuppi who was bragging of being a billionaire before his arrest, is not on the list of the Billionaires.

Forbes is an international magazine famously known for listing richest people on earth which includes Invoice Gates, Jeff Bezos, amongst others has however disclosed in an article on Thursday July 9th that Hushpuppi is not on their listings of global Billionaires.

Forbes magazine revealed that the richest people in the world according to their records is over 2,095 who are worth over $8 trillion. Meanwhile, Hushpuppi who’s net worth was about N168 billion cannot be part of the listings of Billionaires in the world.

“Forbes does not currently consist of Abbas on our listing of the arena’s Billionaires” it stated.


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