Dbanj Should Be Used As A Scapegoat–Mocheddah


Nigerian singer Mocheddah has called out D’banj for trying to silence his rape accuser with his wealth and influence.

Mocheddah reacted to Seyitan’s press statement shamed D’banj for showing the world that he’s not a good person hence asking that all his awards and endorsements should be taken from him.

According to her, D’banj should be used as a scapegoat for the other bullies who think that they can do whatever they want because of their wealth and affluence to see that they aren’t above the law.

She wrote;

“Shame on you, dbanj. Shame on you for being the bully you have shown us you are. Shame on you for silencing a young woman from speaking her truth. Shame on you for being an instrument to unlawful imprisonment. Shame on you for influencing the order to arrest a woman that has accused you of rape. Shame on you for making her sign under duress. you have shown.the world who you are, and that you truly stand for nothing. This story has gone beyond rape. You have manipulated the justice system to fit your selfish interest. You have broken the law on multiple counts, and you deserve to be CANCELLED .dbanj should be stripped of his endorsements, and his awards should be retracted to send a message to all bullies that believe they are above the law.
The policemen that arrested seyitan unlawfully should all be exposed and relieved of their duty. The power of your influence puts the onus on you to act right, but Regardless of your status, you are a man first .many might say this case is about cloth chasing, but takeout your bias towards your favorite and replace him with regular joe, wouldn’t you want the same Justice? Do the right thing”


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