Comedian, Sydney Talker Blasted By Fans For Not Releasing His Covid-19 Result

A popular instagram comedian, Sydney Talker set the internet on fire last week over his confession that he feels he has gotten the Covid-19 virus but NDDC, Lagos state government have refused to get him tested despite the fact that he has the symptoms and it was obvious.

He recorded the a video of when he visited a hospital and how they referred him to the right place to do the test, yet he wasn’t attended to by the health workers over there.

His fans and internet users called out the NDDC to blast them over the way the comedian was treated, they were called names too.

However, it seems the table to about to be turned as the comedian is nowhere to be found on the internet, and has refused to talk about it again.

Fans have called him out on twitter to bring his result as they believe he has done the test, which is the reason he stopped talking about it.

Some are already claiming he only blackmailed NDDC and should be severely punished for it. The instagram comedian even in the midst of this trouble has refused to break silence.

Below are comments from Twitter:


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