Clearance Moses Was Sent To 48 Years In Jail For Wrongful Accusation Of Sexual Assault He Didn’t Commit


    Clarence Moses’ was sent to jail with an outrageous 48-year jail term for a crime he didn’t commit.

    They were tears running down the cheeks of family and friend present at the court room when the judge pronounced the judgement, finding Clarence guilty of sexual assault on a woman.

    The event happened when a lady reported Clarence to the police that he has sexually assaulted her. Proving Clarence was the one, she said she dreamt of him as the one who committed the act. She dded that he is the mastermind of the gruesome act. Her case was taken up the police who arraigned him before court for prosecution.

    Clarence tried proving innocence but was not enough as he had little or no evidence to support his claim. Denver police reported that all DNA evidence picked at the crime scene was destroyed by the police even when a judge had asked for it to be brought to him. The act gives the system was against Clarence.

    He was sentenced to 48 years in prison until a miracle happened in 2016 where a man named L.C Jackson wrote Clarence a letter confessing that he was the one who committed the crime. Apparently, the lady had drinks with three men who later took advantage of her when she got drunk and couldn’t see anything.

    Clarence was later acquitted and discharged of all crimes in 2016 after he had spent close to 30 years of his life in jail. The government compensated him in the sum of $2 million after he was fully exonerated. After his release, he was quoted saying:

    “You could surprise and shock and a host of things, because I woke up this morning with phone calls of good news, so I’ve been in a very pleasant, relaxed state,” Moses-EL said.

    “That’s another reason why I’m happy, because it allows me to regain a lot of things that meant so much to me, so dear to me, that now having possession of these things again, it makes me feel like a full person,” he said.


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