#BuhariResign Trends Worldwide: Millions Calls For President’s Resignation


More than 1 million people on Twitter worldwide have called for the resignation of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari over lack of addressing the nation amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

#BuhariResign is trending #1 in Nigeria, and #3 worldwide, after Muslim influencer and reformist Imam, Mohammad Tawhidi took to Twitter again to call out the President Buhari on Twitter.

Iman wrote: “I want #BuhariResign to trend #1 on Nigerian Twitter and to be in the top 10 trends Worldwide.”

What did imam say about Buhari?

He said “Muhammadu Buhari is the Joe Biden of Nigeria: 1- People don’t know where he is. 2- He doesn’t know where he is. 3- He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. 4- His fingerprints are on dirty files with no one brave enough to investigate him. 5- A national embarrassment.”


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