Afrobeatsglobal Giveaway!! 2 people will win #3,000 cash today, Saturday (27th June)


Who is ready to win some money today, 27th June, 2020? Afrobeatsglobal is giving out 3,000 naira to 2 lucky winners.

Check out previous winners of our giveaways here.

Carefully read the instructions below.

To win the giveaway is very simple. Here is what you have to do.

  1. Click on the links below.
  2. Answer the questions on the posts. Give it your best shot! At the end of your comment, drop your handle where you shared the post to.
  3. Share the post to your Facebook or Twitter page.

Feel free to attempt all the questions for a chance to win all the money.

The person with the best answer and shares the post wins the prize of 1,500 naira. Free money comes to you just like that!

Here are the links, don’t forget to give it your best shot and share.

PLEASE NOTE! Drop your comments in the posts whose links are below. Any comments on this giveaway post is automatically disqualified.

Question 1 : Riddle Tuesday! Who Can Answer This Riddle?

Question 2 : If You Made The Kind Of Money Hushpuppi Made, Would You Have Stayed On A Low?

Tip: Try to give reasons to your answers.

Giveaway winners will be announced tomorrow.



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